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Express Dental Marketing - Direct Mail, Postcards...

High-impact, personalized postcards and direct mail are a powerful way to interact with the consumer: they are hard to avoid and can be better targeted than most other marketing strategies. Express Dental Marketing can create the right campaigns for your dental office.

Yet, direct mail is not magical: postcards and other mailers are best used in a way that complements the consumer reality. Dentists need to continually nudge consumers out of their avoidance, delay and denial habits. Without a consistent direct mail campaign, consumers will remain complacent and stay away from your dental office even longer.

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Target Success: Define Your Dental Office Audience

Dental Postcards for Family DentistsThe right targeted demographic list will often greatly influence your success rate. A consistent postcard campaign sent to consumers who are most able to access your dental services (using demographic criteria such as income and location) will create more cost effective results.

Express Dental Marketing
will help you develop the right mailing list.

Dentists should realize that high-value services are more likely to have success in this or any economy. People who need a lot of dentistry and/or want a total cosmetic smile makeover are looking for the “right dentist” and will pay whatever it takes once they find him or her. Rather than wait on the consumer to come around to your way of thinking by happenstance, get out there and create people healthier today.

EMAIL Oli at Express Dental Marketing Now!

Oli at Express Dental Marketing will create the type of campaign that best suits your practice and service strategy. Choose from many ready to go postcard designs and budget-simplified campaigns or ask him about other options for your dental office.

Find out more at ExpressDentalMarketing.com


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